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Wave/Dark Pop

"Slick Little Girl", the first full length album from Long Beach CA’s Feral Kizzy expands the hardedged new wave sound of their previous selftitled EP (2013) into epic dark pop. At once catchy and haunting, it captures the intensity of their live shows, while focusing the energy directly into the listener’s ears and soul.

The five members of Feral Kizzy bring a variety of influences to their music, from Patti Smith punk to garage, grunge or classic rock, but blend them into a seamless, unique sound. There are hints of Concrete Blonde, the B-52's, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, glam Bowie and Disintegration-era Cure, but the end result is purely their own.


"Feral Kizzy “exude a kind of cool that’s both approachable and intimidating, complemented with an enthusiasm that can easily make them the unquestioned leaders of the music pack. The fire and skill they bring to the stage will melt down your mind and build something better from the goo that remains, and afterwards I promise you will never be the same.”"
- Music in Press

"Feral Kizzy is superb at uniting slim and often repetitive textures with thick tapestries of ingeniously woven enterprise, the last song epitomising that craft and success which flows across the whole of Slick Little Girl. The album is a thrilling adventure; one bred across the years in many ways but solely of the now, and Feral Kizzy a band surely looking at big things ahead."
- The RingMaster Review

"Sängerin Kizzy Kirk und die Musiker Brenda Carsey, Johnny Lim, Mike Meza und Kevin Gonzalez entwickelten in den Lim’s Studios ein sehr ansprechendes und starkes Dark Pop Album. Kantige Töne und eine fesselnde Stimme von Sängerin Kizzy machen diese CD zu einem: „Muss man gehört haben“! Es ist noch nicht die weibliche Stimme von „Ian Curtis“ aber einige Passaden erinnern an alte Joy Division Töne."

"From time to time music reaches my ears I find myself enraptured by and inevitably, as you know, that is likely to be anything I genre define as new-wave and Feral Kizzy produce music that makes my heart pulse harder with absolute pleasure."
- Emerging Indie Bands

"Kizzy Kirk is a rock star, plain and simple. She is unbridled, unpredictable, and her energy is contagious as she writhes across the monitors, strikes Ziggy Stardust poses, and charges through the crowd with mic-in-hand belting out her poetic verses. Kizzy Kirk is Patti Smith, Janis Joplin and Joan Jett rolled into one seductive, hot mess... While Kizzy rips the mic, the hypnotic keys and angelic harmonies of Brenda Carsey blend in seamlessly behind her adding a synth sugar that offsets that thrash spice. This unique combination of good and evil is an exhilarating balancing act that keeps the listener on their toes as Feral Kizzy is raw and aggressive while still remaining fun and danceable. Being at a Feral Kizzy show is like being softly kissed and openhanded slapped at the same time. Like the cherry on top of the already burgeoning Long Beach local music sundae, Feral Kizzy is a garage/femme/funk/thrash blast for the ears and eyes and should not be missed."
- Love/Hate Magazine


Feral Kizzy – Lapdog Apparition

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  • Kizzy Kirk: vocals
  • Brenda Carsey: keyboards, vocals
  • Johnny Lim: guitar
  • Kevin Gonzalez: bass
  • Mike Meza: drums


  • 2015 – Slick Little Girl, Eliterecords
  • 2012 – s/t EP, self released

Feral Kizzy- Slick Little Girl

Feral Kizzy - EP

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