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Korean Traditional/Post-Rock

Jambinai blend post rock with traditional Korean instruments to create a sound unlike anything else.

The very finest musicians are those capable of true innovation and originality, and the South Korean post rock group Jambinai bleed originality. The three members of Jambinai, Eeru, Bomi Kim, and Eun Yong Shim, play an array of traditional Korean instruments such as the piri, the haegeum and the geomungo along with electric guitars and electronics. They create a heavy post rock sound with the beauty and eccentricity of traditional Korean music woven into it.

Their intense, explosive performances have won them devoted fans on Seoul's indie scene. After winning a special rookie of the year award from broadcaster EBS in 2011, Jambinai has performed at a wide variety of venues, music conventions and festivals.

In 2013 Jambinai won the best crossover award during the Korean music awards. In 2014 their album was released in Europe followed by several tours around the world.


"This band plays a fascinating, entirely original brand of post-rock music through the use of various traditional Korean instruments. This is the kind of music that is a breath of fresh air for someone who loves post-rock, but is tired of the lack of progression the genre seems to be plagued by... The mixture of a traditional sound with a somewhat recognisable modern post-rock one makes for a completely unique listening experience, made all the more enjoyable thanks to the more heavy sections that are presented on occasion. Even these sections are hard to relate to your typical post-rock climaxes, made famous by bands like 'Explosions in the Sky' and 'Mono'. This is an all around unique, incredibly satisfying listening experience... There's something about discovering something that is both fresh and honest, particularly when it comes to music. When this something is also of a high artistic quality and is highly enjoyable, it's nothing less than exhilarating. I don't only recommend this album, but also recommend that you recommend it to others."
- Sputnik Music

"Jambinai are reaching farther into noise post-hardcore-rock with Differance, but they have created an album that does amazing things... Jambinai have created a classic album for Korean rock."
- Wakesidevision - Korean & Japanese music of all genres

"Für Leute, die auf atmosphärische Musik stehen und unbedingt mal was Neues hören möchten, ist dieses Album bestens geeignet. Jambinai bieten einen tollen Mix aus tradtionellen Instrumenten und rockähnlichen Einflüssen, die sich überraschend gut ergänzen und erschaffen dabei einen modernen, frischen Sound, der sich nicht auf ein Genre festnageln lässt."

"As for new releases, the best of the year was probably Jambinai’s first full-length release, Différance. While not a fan of their more hardcore-tinged experiments with electric guitar, their core sound — driving postrock played on Korean traditional instruments — was as great as ever."


Jambinai – Time of Extinction

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  • Eeru: Piri, Guitars and more
  • Bomi Kim: Haegeum and more
  • Eun Yong Shim: Geomungo


  • 2012 – Différance, CD
  • 2010 – Jambinai, EP


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