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The Holy Grail of Garage Punk

After some very long Crusades the Trash Templars are back home with fully loaded bags to bring the holy grail of fuzz to the cheerin' audience. They found it in the backyard of an ugly beat-garage where it was laying over decades and now the Templars hand the grail around for all the thirsty disbelivers. Drink from our stomping teenage shutdown nectar and have a refreshing taste from the holy Beat-Punk-Water to reach the Fuzz-Paradise .

Once a myth, now a wild and raw rockin' primitive reality. Not so much a bloodline of Jesus but more a throbbing vein of the purest trash. Stomping garage crazed songs by these defenders of the holy grail of garage punk. Finally the Trash Templars step out of a world of obscurity and are ready to claim their major influence and fame on events world wide naturally starting at the bottom.


"Die Flausen, die THE TRASH TEMPLARS im Kopf haben, erinnern an jene, die in den Neunzigern Estrus und Rip Off zur großen Budget-Rock-Bonanza angestiftet haben. Behelmt mit umgedrehten Blecheimern wirkt die derangierte Kostümierung der Ramschritter ausgesprochen albern, der krude, lärmende ’66-Euro-Beat dafür umso authentischer. Das ist genau jener überanstrengte Fuzzsound, der die Festland-Epigonen der PRETTY THINGS oder THEM oftmals geiler klingen ließ als die Originale, nämlich immer dann, wenn Exzess und Krach mangelnde musikalische Raffinesse kompensieren sollten. Lowery hätte seine wahre Freude an dieser Prachtscheibe!"
- Ox Fanzine


Trash Templars – Want to be like you

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 Upcoming shows

Oct/31/17 DE – Bielefeld, Extra Blues Bar
Nov/03/17 DE – Schwerin, Komplex


  • Sir Rapp Scallion – Count of Thornhill / Vocals + Guitar
  • Sir FartaLot – Duke of Bellyfat /Guitar
  • Sir Q-Nibert – Earl of Stonehenge / Bass and Backing Vocals
  • Sir Creamhild – Baroness (!) of Hastings / Drums and Backing Vocals


  • 2016 – Wanna be like you 7″ EP, Kuriosa Records
  • 2014 – The Trash Templars EP, self released
  • 2011 – With .​.​. The Trash Templars, digital album, self released

Trash Templars EP

Trash Templars Single

Trash Templars Demo

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