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The Dead Class were formed Feb 2006 in a psychedelic studio in Speakerland. Since then, they have been travelling around the UK, Ireland, Europe & the U.S.

The three piece from Liverpool released two albums on Cuatroku Music, "Boo" (2006) and "It'll Damn near kill you" (2008) and then later "Stick" (2010) on Antipop Records.

Since their last outing in Liverpool with Nomeansno in 2013, The Dead Class decided to take a chill pill and focus more on curing the world from climate change and baking, but now they are back in this glorious 2015th year with the new singles "Horrorshow" and "Attack".

Back mixing molested pop songs with punk rock, folk, ska, crack cocaine and calpol which is what has always given The Dead Class it's unique and disturbingly sweet and sour tasty flavour!

For those of you who like to pretend you have amnesia and don't remember, they do quirky songs about cannibalism, consumerism, deranged psychopaths, magic cows and more serious topics like honesty, trust, friendship, relationships, pirateships, scary girls and... blah blah blah...

Look out for The Dead Class in the future or the past and come down to see them when they play your town, city, planet... nice one!


"The Dead Class sind zu jeder Minute frisch und überraschend."
- Plastic Bomb

"The Dead Class are one of the most exciting live bands to emerge from the Liverpool underground in many years, so maybe we all need to be a bit more Teutonic and welcome them into our hearts."
-, Live-Review

"Bei dieser Scheibe bleibt mir gar nicht viel mehr zu sagen, als dass man sie einfach gehört haben sollte, denn jeder, der auch nur im entferntesten eine Affinität zu klassischem Punkrock hat oder auch einfach nur den häufig produzierten Einheitsbrei satt hat und einmal wieder eine richtig gute, abwechslungsreiche, innovative, charismatische und doch klassische (Diese Kombination geht gar nicht? Dann lasst euch von 'The Dead Class' eines besseren belehren) Platte hören möchte, ist hier definitiv an der richtigen Stelle. "
- PitXplorer

"Das hier ist klasse! THE DEAD CLASS machen Musik, die funktioniert, die nach vorne geht, die Spaß macht."
- Ox

"Ja, mit 'Boo' ist Villy (Singer/Guitar), Kuba (Bass) und The Ten Foot Toads (Drums) ein wahres Meisterwerk gelungen. Unbedingt hören - es könnte auch dein Leben verändern!"
- skug - Journal für Musik, Österreich

"It’s difficult to categorise the band, which is great and refreshing but you could argue there are elements of Killing Joke and Jello Biafra in what they do, without being neither. Villy’s vocals are a cut above the generic punk trends and the uncomfortable delivery will continue to split listeners but if you want a genuine alternative to punk trends give The Dead Class a chance."
- Distorted Magazine, UK

"If you cut them in half they would have PUNK written through the middle of them.… Hitting the crowd in the face with an explosive energy it is hard to catch your breath once the guys hit the stage – it is fast and it is hard. And they are so good - admittedly, I’m jealous.. However, that is what we had here tonight, musicians playing from their hearts as opposed to any money–making commercialized agenda. More power to the Anti- Pop label and its band of merry Punks."
- Click Liverpool, Live-Review


The Dead Class – Attack

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  • Villy Raze- Guitarer, vox
  • Mr Jake – Bass, attitude
  • Tony T – Drums, drums drums


  • 2014 – “De Novo”, Villy Raze Solo EP, Antipop Records
  • 2010 – “Stick” album (The Dead Class), Antipop Records
  • 2009 – “Pulse and a heardache/Age of Paranoia” 7 inch (The Dead Class), Antipop Records
  • 2008 – “It’ll damn near kill you” album (The Dead Class), Antipop Records
  • 2006 – “Boo” album (The Dead Class), Antipop Records

The Dead Class

The Dead Class - Pulse and a heartache

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