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Since 1989 Citizen Fish has been touring the world: turning gatherings, benefits, and social gigs into an international never-ending weekend. They have created a blend of punk, ska, and straight up rock'n'roll that appeals to the sing-a-long music fans and even the "muso" musician types that typically dismiss punks as not being able to play their instruments.

But it's not so much the fact that these dudes are the most talented musicians in England, it's what they say and how they say it. In a fun loving, all inclusive way, Citizen Fish (and their previous outfits Culture Shock and the legendary Subhumans) have brought working class radical politics to generations of questioning minds. Leaving aside the typical screaming rants of boring political punk bands, the Fish offer a hopeful, danceable alternative.

Whereas other bands have fans, admirers, and flavor-of-the-month teenyboppers hoarding to their concerts, Citizen Fish have established an open and always growing family. The idealistic unifying tone of Dick's lyrics, coupled with the catchy driving riffs of the band, allow the Fish to appeal to a wide variety of folks.

Familiar dancing faces in every town, beers and vegetarian meals, and local activists filling the gig halls with information, ideas, and inspiration for positive change is what Citizen Fish are all about.


"Its scary how much a sound this rare and aged can suddenly be dragged kicking and screaming into modern relevance. CITIZEN FISH are a wonder of nature, they should not be able to inspire these feelings, being as they are 'just a punk band...'"

"There is nothing diluted about Citizen Fish’s musically delivery – As expected of a band with such an extensive history they have got better with age; the Fish now deliver some of the finest ska-punk around, each separate ingredient would in its own right be regarded as exemplary – the blending of full on hardcore with jaunty brass-fuelled ska is joyous; the brass is warm, subtle even, it doesn’t, like many other ska releases overpower the music – this at times is even soulful!"

"Referenzklasse in diesem Sektor sind und bleiben OPERATION IVY und CITIZEN FISH, und die simple Regel ist: Mach es mit deiner Band so gut wie die – oder lass es bleiben... 'Goods' ist das achte Album der 1989/90 gegründeten Band, deren markanten Frontmann Dick Lucas man vorher schon bei SUBHUMANS und CULTURE SHOCK singen hören konnte. Die klassische Schlagzeug-Gitarre-Bass-Besetzung wird um Posaune und Trompete ergänzt, der Offbeat ist immer wieder, aber nicht konstant zu hören, die Wechsel zu treibenden Punk-Parts sind sehr geschmeidig, und die Bläserparts sitzen perfekt... Die große Stärke von allen Bands, denen Dick Lucas seine Stimme verlieh, waren schon immer die Texte, und das ist hier nicht anders. Keine wohlfeilen Plattitüden, sondern smarte, politische Analysen, das zielgerichtete Hinterfragen von (Fehl-)Entwicklungen in der Szene wie der Gesellschaft allgemein"
- Ox fanzine

"As a whole, this album fucking rules. I didn’t expect anything less from these dudes, as most things they’ve released have been SKAtastically entertaining."

"Their set was energetic, skilfully imposing with its Ska rhythms, jabbing beat and suitably refreshing lyrics. Led by Dick Lucas, the band turned back time, beyond their early 1990 humble beginnings, to the late 1970’s, early 80’s message of non-conformity and free thinking acceptance. The post-punk phase may be all but consigned to certain bands, which regretfully don’t get the air play they deserve, however this fusion of Ska/punk/rock was very well received and immensely enjoyable... The tracks were pulsating and intense and Dick Lucas bounced and weaved throughout it all. Songs such as Habit, Back to Square One, the brilliantly observed HD Riot and Human Conditioner were simply excellent."
- Liverpool Sound and Vision

"As with his other band the Subhumans, Lucas adds political rants and social commentary into Citizen Fish at every opportunity – often blaming the introduction of television as the result in the decline of human development, however whereby the awesome Subhumans are a straight to the point punk outfit Citizen Fish are more uplifting with their horn section and ska-influences making you feel the need to dance along as they blasted through songs drawn heavily from their 2011 release “Goods” as well as earlier recordings. The venue at around one hundred capacity was rammed and although it was stupidly hot the condensation dripping off the walls added to the atmosphere, after all this was good old fashioned ska-punk at its finest and Citizen Fish had the crowd literally bouncing as you felt the floor vibrate underneath."
- Mr Teeth Reviews


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  • Dick – vox
  • Phil – Guitar
  • Jasper – Bass, vox
  • Silas – Drums
  • Matt -Trombone
  • Alex -Trumpet/Accordion/keyboards


  • 2015 – Manmade 10-inch, Bluurg Records
  • 2011 – Goods LP/CD, Alternative Tentacles
  • 2007 – Deadline split album with Leftöver Crack LP/CD, Fat Wreck Chords
  • 2006 – Baby-Punchers/Meltdown Split 7-inch EP with Leftöver Crack, Fat Wreck Chords
  • 2006 – What Time We On? Live Album, Bluurg Records
  • 2001 – Life Size (Honest Don’s Old English Recordings)
  • 1999 – Active Ingredients LP, Lookout! Records
  • 1998 – Habit EP, Bluurg Records
  • 1996 – Psychological Background Report CD, Bluurg Records
  • 1996 – Thirst LP, Lookout! Records
  • 1995 – Millennia Madness LP, Bluurg Records / Lookout! Records
  • 1993 – Flinch LP, Bluurg Records
  • 1992 – Citizen Fish/AOS3 split EP, Bluurg Records
  • 1992 – Live Fish (Live in Germany) LP, Bluurg Records
  • 1992 – Wider Than a Postcard LP, Bluurg Records
  • 1992 – Disposable Dream 7-inch, Bluurg Records / Lookout! Records
  • 1990 – Free Souls In a Trapped Environment LP, Bluurg Records





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