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Dead Buttons (데드 버튼즈) (KR)
Garage Rock from Seoul

Dead Buttons are a Seoul-based rock'n'roll duo comprised of Korean guitarist and singer Jihyun Hong and Paraguayan/Korean drummer and singer Kanghee Lee.

A veteran of Seoul’s indie scene, Hong previously played guitar for hardcore and punk bands like Combative Post and Sweet Guerillaz along with the psych- and pop-tinged garage rock act The Infamous Orchestra.

In December 2013, less than two months after their live debut, Dead Buttons traveled to Tokyo to perform at the Japan-Korea Punk Festival.

In May 2015 Dead Buttons published their first EP "Whoever You Are". Whereas the band’s early material had more of a garage punk feel, "Whoever You Are" boasts a wider array mixing garage rock, blues, country, punk, and psychedelic music. Subsequently Dead Buttons performed several gigs in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and France including the Liverpool Sound City festival and the Primavera festival in Barcelona.

Dead Buttons signed with U.K. record label Baltic Records and released their first EP titled "Some Kind Of Youth" produced by iconic rocker Kim In Su of Crying Nut followed by their second full length album "Rabbit" in 2017.


"…fast, catchy, energetic, reckless and tongue-in-cheek straightforward garage rock, rockabilly and country blues in a terrific mix… great melodies and raw, rocking riffs... Definitely a band that is worth checking out for any rock fan."
- Mikkel Falk Moller,

"Dead Buttons hooked their crowd in unlike anyone else I’d seen at the festival. Dead Buttons are accessible to all, taking a more international approach to the rock scene, and singing in English. It is maybe this more international styling that has audiences so hooked by them, they are a shining example of what the Korean Indie scene has to offer."
-, Live review

"It introduces a city sluggish with Beatles nostalgia to the likes of Dead Buttons with their Black Keys-esque dirty riffs and angsty blues-shot vocals."
- Silentradio UK, Live review Liverpool Sound City

"The sound is really garage-y, bit gritty, sometimes punk – a sound I have loved for as long as I can remember. So far, I have loved turning this up loud in the car and just singing along with it, but it also gets me through busy work days. I’d say the charm in this really is the sound: it’s very real and very solid work. The vocals match the instrumentation and the album is consistent, not all over the place chasing different styles. In all, I think it’s just really fun and totally worth listening to."
- Beats and sheets Blog


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  • DDMARR – Guitar/Vocals
  • Ray – Drums/Vocals
  • MJ – Bass/Vocals
  • Ji Won – Keyboard/Vocals


  • 2017 – Rabbit (CD) / Loverock Company, Seoul / Baltic Records, UK
  • 2014 – Whoever You Are (EP) / Loverock Company, Seoul / Baltic Records, UK

Dead Buttons -Rabbit CD






Dead Buttons EP

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