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Anarcho Punk, Portland

Defiance formed in 1993 from the ashes of three of Portland’s seminal Anarcho-punk bands, Deprived, Resist, and Unamused. The band quickly made a name for themselves with their uncompromising no-frills punk rock, straight forward political lyrics, and imagery that could have been lifted from UK ‘82. It wasn’t long, either, before the band’s chaotic nature, penchant for alcohol and other indulgences, and a bad habit of attracting unwanted attention from the law gained them a reputation as, well, a little unpredictable…

Defiance has weathered the changes and the chaos of the past years, having released four full-length Lps, numerous singles and Eps, and multiple tours of the USA, Europe, Mexico, Japan and Canada.

Defiance are back with a vengeance, once again hitting the road with the lineup of Mike, Gibby (Dog Soldier), Matt (Poison Idea, Dog Soldier) and Niff.


"Portland spiky-haired, studded-leather-clad punks not to be confused with the thrash metal act of the early '90s with the same moniker are on album number three (not including numerous splits, EPs, and compilation appearances), and the band is still unapologetically churning out exactly what you expect: unrelenting punk rock that sounds like G.B.H. if they wanted to be an Oi! band, with leftist dogma that is far more seeped in turn-of-the-millennium American concerns than old-school U.K. sensibilities, à la Anti-Flag."

"Diese Scheibe gilt zu Recht als Blaupause des modernen Streetpunks und genau deshalb thront das DEFIANCE-Logo auch auf so vielen Lederjacken weltweit. Hier gibt es melodischen, überaus politischen Streetpunk, der, ähnlich wie bei ANTI-FLAG, durch Wechsel- bzw. Sprechgesang und äußerst eingängige Chorusse vorangepeitscht wird. Der Basssound dieses Albums verdient besondere Erwähnung: klar, unverzehrt, vordergründig ohne zu nerven und vor allem gespielt als sogenannter „walking bass“ verleiht er der Platte einen ganz beosnderen Charme. Und er wird von keinem geringeren als Kelly Halliburton gezockt, der schon so etwas wie eine lebende Legende des PDX-Punks ist, spielt(e) er doch bei so illustren Kapellen wie:PIERCED ARROWS (Drums), SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, MURDER DISCO X, RESIST, DETESTATION, MASSKONTROLL, CLUSTER BOMB UNIT, um nur einige seiner Stationen zu nennen. Aktuell ist Kelly wieder bei DEFIANCE dabei. Inhaltlich geht es bei DEFIANCE um Politik und sie standen in dieser Tradition immer mehr dem englischen Anarcho-Punk bzw. dem Profane Existence-Umfeld nah, als Bands, die einfach nur ganz stumpfe Dagegensein-Texte formulierten. Obwohl schon 20 Jahre auf dem Buckel, haben viel der damaligen DEFIANCE-Texte nichts an Aktualität und Relevanz eingebüßt. Gehört in jeden Plattenschrank. Schön, dass es die Platte wieder gibt."
- Plastic Bomb Fanzine

"Is it possible that Defiance's second album is even more visceral, scathing, and angry than their classic 1995 debut 'No Future No Hope'? Well, listening to Punk Core's reissue of this 2000 beauty and examining the biting, socio-politically aware lyrics, definitely is grounds for this surmise... No doubt these guys have some of the most incendiary messages around. And that's to say nothing about the equally riotous music, which is sheer, raving, urgent streetpunk bliss."


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 Upcoming shows

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  • Gibby – Vocals
  • Mike – Guitar, Vocals
  • Matt – Bass
  • Niff – Drums


Full Length LPs
  • 2011 – Very Best Of, And We Don’t Care (Jailhouse Records)
  • 2011 – Out of Order (Unrest records)
  • 2004 – Rise or Fall (Punk Core Records)
  • 2003 – A Decade of Defiance: Complete Singles Collection (Punk Core Records)
  • 2002 – Out of the Ashes (Punk Core Records)
  • 2000 – Nothing Lasts Forever (Mind Control Records)
  • 1996 – No Future No Hope (Mind Control Record / Skuld Releases)
  • 2003 – Against the Law (Dirty Punk Records)
  • 1997 – No Time (Profane Existence)
  • 1995 – European Tour 1995 (Consensus Reality)
  • 1995 – Burn (Consensus Reality)
  • 1994 – Defiance (Consensus Reality)






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