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(UK) Kitchen Core from Liverpool

Petes Mutter war eine Dinner Lady (so nennt man in England die Frauen, die in Schulcafeterias das Essen servieren), und er hat ihr alle Ehre gemacht. Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies sind Vorreiter der Liverpooler Musikszene.

Sie spielen rohen, unverfälschten Punk'n'Roll beeinflusst von den Cramps, The Fall und Velvet Underground, mit witzigen und geistreichen Texten über's richtige Leben, über Türsteher und LKW-Fahrer, Katzen und Hunde, gegen Konsumdenken und Rassismus.

Was zuvor geschah: Fünf Alben, zwei EPs, zahlreche Europa- und UK-Touren, Auftritte mit The Damned, The Beat, den New York Dolls etc.


"Wow, ich bin echt begeistert und habe mir das Album zum Besprechen sicher 10x angehört."
- Kink Records

"Bentham und Co. schaffen es, sich von allen Genrekonventionen zu lösen und Pubrock mit der Tanzmusik von Holly Golightly zu verbinden, Chuck Berry und Punkrock zu kombinieren, Saxophon und Klarinette einzubinden, eine entschärfte Version von THE FALL in Richtung KINGS OF NUTHIN’ zu lenken, mit einem kleinen Schlenker Richtung TOY DOLLS, und dabei dann doch nie wie eine der hier erwähnten Bands/Musiker zu klingen..."
- Ox fanzine

"Ihre Scheibe 'Hip Potater' läuft bei mir schon den ganzen Sommer lang... Trotz der frühen Uhrzeit ist sehr viel Publikum anwesend. Live sind sie eine Spur härter und schneller. Ein richtig guter Auftritt."
- Useless fanzine, Live Review

"Classic Liverpool Rock & Roll. Songs about things you've observed and experienced. Fun and upbeat."
- Sound City

"Third album from Pete & The Dinner Ladies, the Liverpool based ‘kitchencore’ outfit who with this offering have produced their most accomplished release to date... somehow The Dinner Ladies have not just pulled this off, this is a triumph – played with due respect but also with that ‘fuck you’ punk attitude that certainly Syd Barrett expressed; I get the feeling Barrett would chuckle if he had heard The Dinner Ladies, instantly responding to their free-spirit DIY take on rock ‘n’ roll."
- Louder Than War Magazine

"It’s a shame John Peel is not with us any more as Pete & The Dinner Ladies would certainly have been taken to the great mans heart and been regular favourites of the twilight airwaves. This album has pretty much been on constant repeat for the last month and protest has never sounded so great. This should feature highly in the end of year best of albums that we so love to compile and read about."
- Never Loved The Shovel Blog

"Best performance of the year thus far due to nothing more than the aforementioned points and the downright commitment to the cause. A fitting exclamation mark to a fine day that provoked much thought and much pleasure."
- Fungalpunk fanzine

"We were starting to flag at this stage but Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies rev it up with an entertaining set back at the Art Academy and prove punks not dead, it just wears a shiny 80's suit and is surrounded by Dinner ladies, it also proves that you can write a decent protest song without being a po-faced navel gazer, or tortured poet with a shit beard. “Do The Don’t” “Part Time Punk” and ” Hip Potater” are all crowd pleasers, but if you listen and pay attention you’ll find that behind the “fun” façade Mr Bentham’s got plenty to say and raises some very salient points."
- The VPME, Live Review

"To have spent many a gig in the company of Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies is not going to prepare you for just how good they sound, just how wickedly delicious and note-worthy they are tasty a band when allowed the freedom to wax lyrically in an anarchistic scrumptious style... The idea of David Bowie performing it with David Gilmour is one to feel goose bumps appear, to hear Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies play it is to almost understand the gender blurring of fun, slight majestic sleaze and sex appeal that runs through each line. You can only imagine the curly haired music genius who shone too brightly would have raised a smile towards the band, for it is a piece of art."
- Liverpool Sound and Vision

"Their infectious fusion of ska, folk and, er, circus music (that’s the only way to describe it, honest) seems a good enough reason to work off Pete’s (legendary) free Veggie Scouse via the medium of boogie... Pete begins by inviting everyone to pray for more good weather 'so we can riot in shorts and t-shirts'. Comedy is as much a part of Pete's act as the music; he enthusiastically explains the meaning behind songs, such as 'Nature', which was inspired by a conversation with a self-righteous hippy...
By the second encore, it's turned into a right old organic cider-fuelled knees-up; everyone obeys Pete's command to kneel on the floor before leaping back up for one chorus. Despite a lone stage invader almost spoiling proceedings, the show is a triumph."
- Purple Revolver, Live Review

"When all of the band kick in, the sound is tremendous; Pete thrashing away on his guitar trying to wear out the scratch plate (and his elbow); Gabrielle bashing the hell out of the drums. Marigoldy thunderously playing the bassiest bass possible and John 'The Caretaker' Lewis going cross-eyed trying to inflate either the sax or clarinet. The crowd loved them... Those diehards resisting the kitchen assault were all to be reigned in with the totally interactive 'Hip Potater'. Here, Pete had the crowd in the palm of his hand, ordering them to shout back the words 'Hip Potater, Hip Potater' at his command. A truly marvellous spectacle… You must give this band a listen, preferably live."
- Roomthirteen, Live review


Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies – Marcel Duchamp

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 Upcoming shows

Datum Stadt Location Land
Jul/20/24 Birkenhead Future Yard, Crapfest UK
Jul/27/24 Manchester Star & Garter UK
Aug/01/24 – Aug/04/24 Blackpool Rebellion Festival UK
Oct/06/24 Sheffield O2 Academy, HRH Punk Festival UK


  • Pete Bentham: Guitar & Vocals
  • Paella Fitzgerald: Bass & Vocals
  • Sonny Rolling Pin: Saxophone, Cat Flaps
  • Tony Calzone – Drums


  • 2022 – What’s On The Inside Has to Come Out, LP/CD, 9×9 Records
  • 2020 – England’s Up For Sale, LP/CD, Antipop Records
  • 2017 – Psychedelic Village EP, Antipop Records
  • 2014 – I Heart Here, CD, Antipop Records
  • 2012 – Spacepunx EP, track 7″ vinyl, Free Rock & Roll
  • 2010 – Hip Potater, CD, Free Rock & Roll
  • 2009 – The New Underground, CD, Free Rock & Roll

Pete Bentham - I heart Here



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