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Jenny Don't and the Spurs sind international bekannte Western-Rebel-Cowboy-Punks aus dem legendären und einflussreichen Rock'n'Roll-Untergrund von Portland, Oregon.

Nach dem tragischen Tod von Schlagzeuger Sam Henry (Wipers) besteht die Band aus Sängerin Jenny Don't (Don't, Ladies Of The Night), Kelly Halliburton (P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., Pierced Arrows, Defiance etc.), Christopher March und Buddy Weeks.

Die sonst eher aus Punkrock- und Garage-Zusammenhängen bekannten Leute huldigen hier alten, klassischen Country- und Protestsängern aus den 1940er und 50er Jahren wie Patsy Cline, Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams Sr. oder Loretta Lynne. Musik aus einer Ära, in der die Grenzen zwischen Rock’n‘Roll und Country noch verschwommen waren und in der Musiker wie Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash und Carl Perkins zusammen touren konnten, ohne daß jemand mit der Wimper zuckte.

Auch mit neuem Line-up und nach unzähligen Shows in den USA, Europa und Australien sind die Intensität und Energie ihres Livesets ein Muss für jeden, der temperamentvolle, von Garage inspirierte Country-Musik mag, die mit Aufrichtigkeit und Überzeugung gespielt wird.

Die erste Single der Spurs erschien auf Fred Cole’s (Dead Moon) Label Tombstone Records, ihre drei Alben auf Doomtown Sounds und Mississippi Records.


"'I like everything but country.' It's the eternal refrain of high schoolers and idiots nationwide (don't even get me started on high-school idiots). But there's hope for the kids yet. Enter Jenny Don't and the Spurs. Backed by notable Portland musicians—Kelly Halliburton (Pierced Arrows), Sam Henry (Wipers, the Rats) and JT Halmfilst (a jillion bands)—Ms. Don't, who previously played with Henry in the band bearing her surname, has released an album of 10 punky country hits that will blow the minds of those who only know the genre through Auto-Tuned CMT fare. The songs run the gamut from the lilting waltz of "Carry Me Home" to the garagey lurch of "Hot as a Desert," but are all grounded by a similar theme."
- Willamette Week

"A band that boasts the ranks of Portland musical royalty (the Wipers' Sam Henry and Pierced Arrows' Kelly Halliburton) issuing its debut full-length would be noteworthy enough as is. But Jenny Don't and the Spurs, whose self-titled album sees its release at tonight's show, will win you over even before you flip the jacket to look at the musician credits. Playing vintage country and western straight out of the lonesomest corners of mid-20th century America, Don't and her cohorts sound nothing like a museum piece; rather, there's grit, sadness, and an edge of danger to these rumbling-boxcar country songs. "
- The Portland Mercury

"Jenny Don't and The Spurs are a fantastic independent country and western quartet who sing heart wrenching songs about emotional turmoil wit passion and honesty. The quartet's debut self titled CD will make classic country western music fans extremely proud."
- Jersey Beat

"The Spurs are as on-point as a backing band can be, with a furious rhythm section and a tastefully eloquent slide guitar. While Jenny's voice would be at home with many of the indie bands in their native Portland, there's only one type of song it's meant for: cracking open that first PBR at the honky tonk. The band never slips into irony here: Jenny's heartbreaks and triumph are pure, filtered through the requisite veneer of propriety and sincerity of a 60s country singer flirting with a possible step over the line into outlaw music. Remarkably, it works. Jenny Don't and the Spurs proves that country is only as dead as we let it be."


Jenny Don’t and the Spurs – Call Of The Road

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 Upcoming shows

Datum Stadt Location Land
Jul/05/24 Riaza Huercasa Festival ES
Jul/06/24 Gierle Sjock Festival BE
Jul/07/24 Kusel Kinett DE
Jul/08/24 Bonn Kult 41 DE
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Jul/10/24 Groningen Vera DE
Jul/11/24 Köln BuZe Ehrenfeld DE
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Jul/12/24 Oberhausen Static Roots Festival DE
Jul/13/24 Emmen Roots, Ribs & Blues Festival NL
Oct/24/24 Bochum Wageni DE
Oct/29/24 Stuttgart Goldmark’s DE
Oct/30/24 Mannheim Altes Volksbad DE
Oct/31/24 Frankfurt Dreikönigskeller DE
Nov/01/24 Bremen Karo DE


  • Jenny Don’t – Vocals
  • Kelly Halliburton – Guitar
  • Christopher March – Lead guitar und Lap Steel
  • Buddy Weeks – Drums


  • 2017 – Call of the Road, Doomtown Sounds & Mississippi Records
  • 2016 – Debut album, Doomtown Sounds
  • 2016 – Split 7″ with Roselit Bone
  • 2014 – Trouble with the Law 7″, Doomtown Sounds
  • 2014 – No Good / You Win Again 7″, Tombstone Records



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