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Street Punk from London

The Restarts spielen einzigartigen Thrash- und Anarcho-Punk mit Ska-Breaks und Pogo-auslösenden Basslines, der Ihnen eine treue Fangemeinde von Punk-Liebhabern jeden Alters einbrachte. Mit rücksichtsloser Hingabe spielen sich die Restarts seit 1995 durch Europa, Süd- und Nordamerika, Australien und Südostasien. Dabei halten sie stets den DIY-Geist des Punk-Rocks lebendig.

Sie teilten die Bühne mit Schwergewichten der Punkszene wie Steve Ignorant's Crass, Jello Biafra & GSM, Millions of Dead Cops, The Casualties, den Star Fucking Hipsters und den Subhumans.

2019 veröffentlichten The Restarts sowohl eine Split-Single mit den Subhumans als auch ihr neues Album „Uprising“.


Die RESTARTS spielen vor einem total vollen Saal. Kieran, der Sänger schreit seine wütenden Punktexte in die Menge. Die RESTARTS machen Punk mit klarer politischer Ansage weil: 'there are a lot of assholes out there'. Sie spielen immer noch so zornig, wie Anfang der 90er in den besetzten Häusern."
- Useless Fanzine, Live Review, Rebellion Festival 2012

Gewürzt mit einer ordentlichen Prise Streetpunk strotzen die Songs vor Rebellion und Aggression. Der Sound ist rau, grob, melodisch und sehr eingängig. RESTARTS sind weder müde noch leiser geworden... Diese Hoffnung ist Antrieb. RESTARTS geben mit diesem Album Mut, den eigenen Weg weiter zu gehen, und das ist mehr, als viele Bands heutzutage schaffen."
- Wahrschauer

"The Restarts first crawled out of the North London Squat scene nearly a decade ago. Serial dole scroungers the lot of them, they named their band after the dreaded 'back to work' interviews and set about touting their stroppy four-chord punk to spiky-haired audiences around the world. Yelling out barbed diatribes against the state over chunky metal guitars, they've slowly but surely clawed their way to the top of the underground pile."
- Terrorizer

"This is dance in the basement, spanner in the works, back porch drinking, bomb in the police station punk!!! I never knew Steve Ignorant had pregnancy-inducing sex with all of POISON IDEA, but this is some cute baby they had. Oh, also good people. They played at a house in West Oakland last month, and rocked us with energy and astounded us with their good manners!"
- Maximum Rock'n'Roll

"Abrasive yet catchy UK punk with raw vocals and plenty of chorus sing a longs. The razor blade throated lead vocalist give this plenty of raw edge while through most of it the music has a much more uplifting energy to it... Oddly enough, it seems rare to come across the bands that play straight forward old-style punk rock and so this is a refreshing cause they've been at it for like a decade. Cheers guys. Good catchy shit."
- Slug and lettuce

"I've seen them play many times in London and always rated them pretty highly as a live band but never really got to hear their stuff on record yet. Things have changed now as I got a copy of their latest album. It seems I've been missing out on something very big. This album is the dogs bollocks! This goes right into my top 20 albums of all time I reckon. 12 songs of punk rock how it should be played."
- London

"I caught the mighty RESTARTS at Brum punx picnic & they rocked the house down w/ their abrasive punk rock... Raging punk rock w/ honest social commentary shows that THE RESTARTS are one class act!... As usual THE RESTARTS win another battle of the bands."
- Punk shocker, Newcastle Fanzine

"With ex members of Coitus, Armed and Hammered, and Assrash UK, it was no surprise that the RESTARTS kick-ass!! All three members share the vocals and each deliver them powerfully... These guys plan to tour the US this summer!...I can't wait."
- Profane Existence


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 Upcoming shows

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  • Kieran – Bass, Vocals
  • Robin – Guitar, Vocals
  • Jeremy – Drums


  • 2019 – Uprising, CD/LP, Pirates Press Records
  • 2013 – A Sickness of Mind, CD/LP, No Label Records
  • 2009 – Mobocracy, The Restarts/Zero Tolerance Split CD, No Label Records
  • 2007 – Outsider CD, Dirty Faces Records
  • 2004 – System Error LP, Active Distribution
  • 2003 – Actively Seeking Work 1996-1998 LP, Active Distribution
  • 2002 – Slumworld CD/LP, Active Distribution
  • 1999 – Your World, The Restarts/Zero Tolerance split 7″, Magilla Guerilla Records
  • 1998 – State Rape, The Restarts/Zero Tolerance split LP, Rejected Records
  • 1998 – Legacy of Bigotry, The Restarts/Left For Dead split EP, Dead Records
  • 1997 – Just Gets Worse EP, Blind Destruction Records
  • 1997 – Frustration EP, Blind Destruction Records
  • 1996 – Job Club Demo tape, self released



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