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The Chuck Norris Experiment provides epic kick-ass hard rock from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band has spent a lot of time on the European roads since 2004 headlining tours and blowing festivals the last few years, and have shared stage with a bunch great bands like Supersuckers, Peter Pan Speedrock, Exploited, V8 Wankers, Electric Eel Shock, Bombshell Rocks and many more.

The band has left a trail of CD´s, LP´s, singles, comps & tributes behind them during the years. Most of those releases are long gone, but the band promises to keep on releasing singles and album like there is no tomorrow.

The band name CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT is often believed to been taken after the US martial arts champion Chuck Norris. But as all true believers and lovers of Rock’n’Roll know, the band name is a tribute to the legendary American blues guitarist Charles “Chuck” Norris, who recorded the classic live album “Los Angeles Flash” in the bands hometown Gothenburg on June 25, 1980.


„Die Schwedenrocker von Chuck Norris Experiment sind eigentlich für drei Minuten lange Songs bekannt. Auf dieser Platte haben sie zehn Songs in zwölf Minuten gepackt. Darunter leidet die Qualität keinesfalls. Auf unnötigen Schnickschnack wurde verzichtet und sich auf das Mindeste konzentriert. In meinen Ohren die coolste Release der Band. Oft erinnern sie an Gluecifer."

"...our friends CNE do what they do best and that’s rock hard and do it on their own terms this one is brief and to the point."

"Razor blade guitars? Check. Chest pumping drums? Check. Chuck Ransom’s trademark raspy growl? Check. All the components are there for a short, sharp and sweet cacophony of fast aural pleasure. This is no novelty idea; The Chuck Norris Experiment have pulled it out of the bag."

"Sit back, relax and let CNE cleanse your mind of worries because, tonight Matthew, they will be Alice Cooper, The Misfits, Lemmy, get a little lawless and even jump on the E Street train."

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Booking contact: Martha

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  • Chuck Ransom – Vocals
  • Chuck The Ripper – Guitar
  • Chuck Dakota – Bass
  • Chuck Rooster – Guitar
  • Chuck Buzz – Drums


  • 2019 – Shortcuts, Savage magic Rec., LP
  • 2017 – Chück me, Transubstans Rec., CD, LP
  • 2014 – Right between the Eyes, Transubstans Rec., CD, LP
  • 2010 – Dead Central, I hat People Rec.
  • 2009 – Chuckies, Nicotine Rec. / Tornado Ride Rec., CD, LP
  • 2008 – The Return of Rock’n’Roll, Masterrock / Tornado Ride Rec., CD, LP
  • 2007 – And the rest will follow, Masterrock / Tornado Ride Rec., CD, LP
  • 2005 – Self Titled, Bad Attitude Rec., LP

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