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Detroit 442, an old Blondie song, a car engine, a football (soccer) formation and the number of fires during the Detroit 1967 riot.

Detroit is an industrial city hit brutally by the decline of the heavy industry that had sustained it for decades. It struggles with poverty, some of the highest crime and unemployment rates in the United States, poor schools and a general sense of hopelessness.

Apart from the name this band has "Detroit" written all over it. Their "very quotable" songs and their attitude express working class boredom and lower class frustration, but they don't take themselves too seriously.

Singer Lacy’s is "one of the biggest mainstays in Detroit punk rock". His "over-exaggerated Johnny Rotten snarl gives the band character". Detroit 442's sound is described by many as a cross between The Dead Boys, Hugo Ball, The Damned and an amp turned up all the way. Punk, punk, and more punk.

Ox fanzine interview (German):


"Playing carnage-fueled mayhem from the mean streets of Detroit, like a collision of The MC5, The Damned, and The Dead Boys."
-Vive Le Rock

"Coming from part The DAMNED, a touch of FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS and funny enough, a bit of the ol' UK SUBS... Punk as a bag of glue--throwing more attitude than a gorilla with a machete."
- Maximum Rock'n'Roll

"'Boredom City' is quite possibly the most Detroit album I've ever heard. What I mean, of course, is that this album, fifteen songs of 'Boredom City Punx', is unequivocally produced, crafted and marketed in Detroit. It spits of working class boredom and lower class frustration. While note traditionally fast, pummeling hardcore like a good amount of Detroit bands, this album is, without a doubt, punk rock from Detroit with a serious fucking groove. Every song on this album is a well-crafted piece of punk. Many songs have very quotable lyrics, and I believe this is the work of singer Lacy one of the biggest mainstays in Detroit punk rock (he was around during the Negative Approach era with Son of Sam, during the Cold As Life/second wave of Detroit punk with the Hillside Stranglers, and now with Detroit 442)... This is one of the better albums I've heard lately. Buy this album. Now."
- Aunty Social - Criminal Behavior Fanzine

"This punk band clearly and proudly hails from Detroit (just check out their anthem 'Another Night in Detroit'), but it’s easy to mistake them for a British band, given singer Lacy 442’s over-exaggerated Johnny Rotten snarl. He definitely gives the band character, setting them apart from loads of other samey-sounding punk bands... The whole album is super fun and creative, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously yet it says some interesting and pertinent things."
- WCBN radio, "The Answer Is In The Beat" show

"Das 'Detroit' im Namen ist also Programm: kaputter STOOGES-meets-MC5-Sound, wütend-noisiges Lärmen von beinahe schon obszöner Rauheit und Direktheit... Eine Platte wie ein zwar fies abgehender, aber nur mäßig gepflegter Oldsmobile."
- Ox-Fanzine

"Like a brick through your mother’s window, this doesn’t disappoint. DEAD BOYS, DAMNED, MC5, BLIGHT, MCDONALDS. It’s all here."
- Maximum rock n roll


Detroit 442 – Something new

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  • Lacy – vocals
  • Jay – guitar
  • Eric – guitar
  • Aaron – bass
  • Phil – drums


  • 2015 – Pig$ LP, Hell City Records
  • 2013 – Detroit 442/Public Sex split 7″, Detroit Noise Records
  • 2009 – Detroit 442 / Funeral March split 7″, Detroit Noise Records
  • 2006 – Living In The Age Of Fear CD, Detroit Noise Records

Detroit 442 - Pigs album

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