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Formed in 2011 and hardly taking time to sit since then, The Ghost Wolves create, record and tour at a dizzying clip. Blending rock'n'roll, punk rock, garage and blues with electronic elements, the duo has earned a reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the modern rock'n'roll underground, touring internationally for almost 8 years straight, with nearly 1000 shows between them in 23+ countries including most of western Europe, the USA, UK and Japan.

No two of their shows are alike, and the audience is as much a participatory body as they are paying guests of the band. Carley Wolf is constantly engaging them, urging them to sing and dance, turning her up amps louder, while Jonny hits the drums harder and harder, until all present enter a feverous trance and the walls of the club seem to be ready to come apart. "If we don't walk off stage drenched to our underwear in sweat, it was a bad gig." Jonny says "That's how we gauge if we sucked or we did well. By our sweat levels."

The Ghost Wolves’ name comes from a family history on Carley’s side. “I was raised with a pack of wolf hybrid and northern dogs on my parents ranch in central Texas."

The duo has released two LP’s and an EP so far on labels from Austin, Berlin and Nashville. The Ghost Wolves' recorded music has been featured in film and TV by HBO, ABC, CBS, Disney, Netflix, MTV, Showtime and Alamo Drafthouse. The duo's ongoing clothing collaboration with Tokyo fashion brand Hysteric Glamour, now entering it's 6th season, is currently available at the company's brand stores throughout Asia and online.

Third Man Records (cult label from Jack White / White Stripes) just released their newest songs on 7" vinyl and digitally.


"They play stomping blues-garage-punk possessed by who knows what kind of demon... their music has just the right overdose of voodoo punk..."
-Rolling Stone Italia

"The pair tour relentlessly, showing a joy in the turn-it-up that evokes the visceral virtues of rock at its most raw and elemental."
- Lenny Kaye for

"Bodacious garage rock with a sneer"
- MountainX, Asheville NC

"A primal musical jewel in wolf's clothing..."
- BP Fallon's Wang Dang Doodle

"Primal, grungy, lo-fi, disruptive, exhilarating..."
- Blurt! Online

"Vertreter dieser reinen - Pardon - schmutzigen Lehre sind etwa: Hazil Atkins, die Cramps, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Flat Duo Jets und wieder Elvis, der Glanz und Elend im Rock 'n' Roll verkörperte wie sonst niemand. Und da wären noch die Ghost Wolves aus Austin, Texas. Carley Wolf und Jonathan Konya sind das netteste Paar, das man sich vorstellen kann - privat. Anders die Lyrics und der Sound des Duos. Da werden keine Gefangenen genommen, da fliegen die Fetzen, da splittern die Knochen."
- Deutschlandradio Kultur

"...for the real experience, catch them on stage where their intensity and magnetism are amplified to such levels that you might just put on a mask and let Carley call you 'Grandma'."
- Deli Magazine

"...they opened the evening with a roar both from the stage and, by set’s end, from the audience, too. They played so well with such obvious delight that it was impossible not to get on board."
- Nippertown, Albany, NY

"This duo — female singer/guitarist and male drummer — provides raw, energetic rock that sounds more like it came from the Voodoo-soaked streets of New Orleans or back alleys of New York City than the farmlands of Texas. Punk sensibility, blues style, crashing drums, scattershot harmonies and moments of folk simplicity define the band’s six-song EP, In Ya Neck!."
- Jeff Hahne, Creative Loafing

"When the Austin band finally let us off the hook and left the stage, the only thing I could think of was the fact that I wanted more. I was ready to take the tunes well into Friday morning, not well short of midnight."
- Loopster Live

"They are wild, they are screechy, they are banging and down right feral, they are The Ghost Wolves."
-, Live review, London 2017

"C’est le duo de The Ghost Wolves qui avait la périlleuse mission d’ouvrir le bal. Juste un batteur et une chanteuse bien énervée, une guitare (parfois même une seule corde !) mais surtout une énergie assez dingue, reconnaissons-le. Notre pauvre Nicolas en a eu du mal à croquer sereinement…"
- Croque and Roll, live review Paris 2017

"The thrilling guitar fuzz and shrill teamed with adrenaline pumping drums gets the crowd warmed up screaming for more in no time. ”Do You Like Cry Babies?” Carley shouts at the crowd “nobody likes crybabies” is the fiesty introduction to the neck snapping ‘Crybabies Go Home’. The crowd roar the “whoohoohoo” lyrics back to her as she jumps about the stage. Elaborate guitar poses and all it’s purely captivating. Swagger is a tame word for these guys, they are wild and absolutely mental but it makes for a fascinating live set and the crowd were lapping it up. When you think it couldn’t get better she introduces the one string wonder “because all you need is one god damn string” that’s right a guitar with one string that plays just as mighty and meaty as a six string makes you wonder why anyone plays guitar normally. This duo are cool and feisty and boy do they put on a live show."
-, live review Dublin 2017

"Carley “Carazy” Wolf (guitar & vocals, looking like Calamity Jane as imagined by Rob Zombie) and Jonathan “Little Hammer” Wolf (drums & vocals, total greaser – probably had a BSA parked outside ready for a ton-up run to the Ace Café) battered the hell out of their instruments creating an unholy yet unavoidably foot tapping head-banging blend of rockabilly blues. Imagine if Lux Interior and Poison Ivy had raided the bargain bins for old country blues instead of obscure rockabilly numbers. And had to play them at Download... Wolf, C worked the crowd throughout with the fervour of someone simultaneously selling snake oil, Jebus and the Golden Gate Bridge, bossing the crowd and making her presence felt: a hyperactive blur of helium voiced motion. It’s not often a support gets a full throated singalong but this gal had the crowd singing along to half the set, and to be frank the band went down a storm."
- Bristol 25/7, live review 2017

"The Ghost wolves made a mighty punk-rock noise in a powerful opener...their spunky energy engaged the crowd so well they whipped up a noisy singalong."
- Albany Daily Gazette

"Their live show is a bit of a spectacle, with Wolf, dressed all in white with a matching Warhol-esque wig, jumping around the stage as she plays. Konya is chatty between songs, making jokes and pushing the record. It's not your typical Austin act..."
- Peter Mongillo, The Austin American Statesman

"Their music is influenced by shamans, wolf dogs, and blues legend RL Burnside - that the Ghost Wolves makes it one of the most exciting newcomer band from Austin."
- On3, Germany

"The Ghost Wolves might be a mere duo (Carley plays a vintage hollow body guitar, Jonny thrashes the drums and they both sing) but they play hard enough for a full band. Playing second in a four-band showcase (including the Krektones, Alligator Indian and ER Airplane) at Jack of the Wood last Friday, the Ghost Wolves had the crowd on its feet."
- Mountain Xpress, Asheville, NC

"This new Texas based duo blend gritty backwoods blues with hints of Pyschobilly and folk that are conjuring up garage ghosts from the 60's and demons from the Delta. Known around the city for their energetic live show and infectious on-stage chemistry, The Ghost Wolves have been relentlessly touring their debut album, In Ya Neck!, bringing the raw and rabid rock and roll sound from their digitally unscathed record to dive bars across the plains."
- Band Soup

"The two-piece band Ghost Wolves, one of several acts on the lineup from Austin, offered a twist on the White Stripes formula when drummer Jonny Wolf switched places with guitarist Carley Wolf for a song."
- USA Today

"From the opening, bluegrass twang of ‘Gonna Live’, to the gorgeous live recording of ‘First Love’, it is clear that the duo’s relentless gigging – as well as their strong musical heritage – has produced a collection of tracks that is both exhilarating and infectious."
- Chybucca Sounds U.K

""While they each have their own impressive musical resumes, together they are an otherworldly presence."
- KUT- Austin


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 Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.


  • Carley Wolf – Vocals, Guitar
  • Jonny Wolf – Vocals, Drums


  • 2019 – Crooked Cop 7″, Third Man Records
  • 2017 – Texas Platinum LP, Hound Gawd Records
  • 2016 – Ghost Wolves/Brother O’ Brother Split 7″ Vinyl
  • 2014 – “Man, Woman, Beast” LP, Plowboy Records
  • 2012 – Hip Thrust/Black Crow feat. BP Fallon 7″ Vinyl
  • 2011 – “In Ya Neck!” Debut EP, Pau Wau Records

Ghost Wolves - Man Woman Beast













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