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Holy Garage Punk

Join the sect!

A better life awaits us all. Only those who know will experience it. Join us and be a part of the wise elite that will bloom in this world and the other.

We shall enlighten the world with the radiance of the guru's knowledges: an end to wars, diseases, sadness, and all things that hindered the greatness of humanity. May this world join the other in a joyful and eternal union.

The Guru and his apostles The Hairy, The Skinny, The Fat and The Tall created Sects Tape as a musical branch of the sect. The result is a mix of surf and garage rock riffs, with a punchier rhythmical section and of course the message and habits of the sect.

In summer 2015 Halshugga Records is released a 1-side EP with three new chants from the sect and in 2017 Rockerill Records in Belgium and Spastic Fantastic Records in Germany released the "We're All Pink Inside" LP.


"Alter! SECTS TAPE! Henry Fiats Open Sore in Surf! Was für geile Asis! Kommen unter Nebel einzeln in den gefühlten 12-Quadratmeter-Raum und weihen jeden einzelnen Gast zur Begrüßung. Dann folgen 25 Minuten Feuerwerk."
- Bierschinken fanzine, Live review Crossbonefest

"Over to March 10th with an opener from Tournai, SECTS TAPE, a real weird combo. They had these cool Agent Orange-like surf guitars, there were good parts of garage trash, classic covers by Devo ("Mongoloid") and Black Flag ("Nervous Breakdown") that you didn't expect to hear here, all played by dudes in huge pink KKK-hats. A hilarious sight and not easy bunch to pinpoint, but this for sure was enjoyable!"
- Up yours! fanzine, Live review


Sects Tape – Comittment

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  • The Hairy: bass
  • The Fat: guitar
  • The Skinny: guitar
  • The Tall: drums
  • The Guru: vocals


  • 2013 – EP
  • 2012 – Demo

Sects Tape - Demo

Sects Tape - EP

Sects Tape - Psalm

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