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Ska Punk from Milan

Skassapunka play brilliant and intoxicating Ska-Punk mixed with 2-Tone and a pinch of Pachanga. Exuberant energy on stage and lyrics from life are the ingredients of this young and hot band from Milan.

Since then Skassapunka tour frequently across Europe, play lots of international festivals and already published four albums and several 7"s on Dedolor and KOB Records. They also shared the stage with bands like The Locos, The Real McKenzies, The Bombpops and others.

Their latest album "Adelante" confirmed their status as one of the best Italian ska bands of the last 10 years.

TIn 2019, the band started a collaboration with the Eko Music Group for Ernie Ball products.


"Stay rude, stay rebel: The revolution is danceable"
- Underdog Fanzine

“... great Ska-(Street)Punk, with political texts against fascism, state and capital, in the tradition of TALCO, LOS FASTIDIOS, NH3 and RED SKA. On ‘Rudes Against’ SKASSAPUNKA do not need to hide behind these bands. The 14 tracks, enriched with 2Tone excursions, makes your legs move.”
- Ox Fanzine

"On ‘Rudes Against’ Skassapunka reminds a bit of a ‘cocktail’ from their colleagues Talco, Los Fastidios and the US ‘Gypsy-Punks’ Gogol Bordello... The songs reach your ears and especially your legs. Skank danger, good mood music and party accelerators!"

“This is fun and can only be recommended to everyone... Very good!”

“Against the background of the creeping, political shift to the right in Europe, most of their lyrics sound more modern and up-to-date than ever...”

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 Upcoming shows

Date City Venue Country
Mar/05/21 – Essen, Don’t Panic DE
Jul/30/21 – Bochum, Trompete DE
Jul/31/21 – Moormerland, Phönix, Umsonst & Draußen Festival DE
Aug/12/21 – Osnabrück, Whisky’s DE
Aug/13/21 – Wakenstädt, KuT Sommerschlacht Festival DE


  • DAVE – lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • BERTA – drums
  • JAPO – bass & back vocals
  • LORE – lead guitar & back vocals
  • JULIO – trombone
  • GADGET – trombone


  • 2019 – Paradox, 7″, KOB records
  • 2018 – Adelante, LP, KOB records
  • 2017 – Rudes Against, LP, KOB records
  • 2016 – Bella Ciao, 7″, KOB records
  • 2016 – We want to dance ska, 7″, KOB records
  • 2015 – Il gioco del silenzio, LP, KOB records
  • 2014 – Senti il ritmo che sale, 7″, KOB records
  • 2013 – Di vento in vento, LP, Dedolor records
  • 2012 – Purgamentum Dedecusque, self-released




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