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Hardcore from Nantes

With more than 350 concerts in 15 different countries, four European tours, participations in several festivals such as Hellfest, three Eps and two full-length albums, Stinky are one of the most hardworking and irreverent hardcore bands in the French underground scene.

Their music is a perfect blend of melodic punk/hardcore with a metal edge. The band capably fuses melody with an affinity for violence, making the music’s quintet a combustible mix of energy and aggression.

Influenced by bands like Comeback Kid and Nine Eleven among others, the Nantes-based group was formed in 2010 and was initially called Stinky Bollocks. Following a few line-up chances, the group finally stabilizes in 2014 with the arrival of new vocalist Claire, whose voice gives a whole different personality to the band’s sound and clearly distinguishes them from the male-dominating hardcore scene.


“I recommend you to listen again and again Stinky, one of the best revelation this year, and a band on which we can count on the french hardcore musical landscape, especialy with this excelent album.."
- ChairYourSound

“Their music is rich, sober, uninhibited. Something of magic happening and we can ask who can be able to stop them, and how they get hold of energy."
- Rock U

“There is no doubt, with this accomplished album, Stinky take its place in the french hardcore scene."
- Daily Rock France

“With 'From Dead-EndStreet', Stinky becomes a must of the punk/hardcore hexagonal scene."
- SpiritOfMetal

“However, when they keep the energy high, Stinky make you feel like you can head but through a brick wal, which is a benchmark for quality for any hardcore album."
- Midlands metalheads

“It is what it is, and that’s twenty-five minutes of unapologetic, unbridled, musical aggression, brilliantly executed by five talented musicians. For that purpose, it’s near perfect."
- Mind Noise

“Stinky spielen wütenden Hardcore, der sich gewaschen hat... Der perfekte Soundtrack zum moshen!"
- Away From Life

“Das Quintett aus Clisson bei Nantes in Frankreich ist geradlinig und macht dabei keine Kompromisse. Weg da, hier kommen wir. Laut, brachial und gewaltig: 'Alone you go faster, together you go further. Go!'"
- True Trash

“Das heißt, hier gibt es einmal mehr ordentlich Geballer, massig Dicke-Hose-Moshparts und eine Sängerin, die ihr Organ Song für Song dermaßen krass malträtiert, dass man permanent das Gefühl hat, ihr würden jeden Moment die Stimmbänder explodieren. Und auch wenn das Teil sicherlich etwas mehr Abwechslung vertragen hätte, macht es unterm Strich definitiv ziemlich Bock."

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 Upcoming shows

Date City Venue Country
Dec/12/20 – Nantes Warehouse, Warm Up Hellfest FR
Dec/18/20 – Limoges, Festival de Noël FR
Mar/20/21 – Quimper, Le Novomax FR
Jul/03/21 – Colombier-Saugnieu, Plane’R’Fest FR
Jul/17/21 – Landresse, La Guerre Du Son festival FR
Jul/31/21 – Goldenstedt, Afdreiht un Buten Festival DE
Aug/13/21 – Villmar, Tells Bells Festival DE


  • Claire – Vocals
  • Seb – Guitar
  • Antoine – Bass
  • Titouan – Guitar
  • Paul – Drums


  • 2020 – Of Lost Things, M-Theory Audio (CD/LP)
  • 2017 – From Dead​-​End Street, Finisterian Dead End Records (CD), Delete Your Favorite Records & Riot Bike Records (LP)
  • 2015 – Against Wind And Tide, LP/CD, DELETE YOUR FAVORITE RECORDS (France) and RIOT BIKE RECORDS (Germany)

Stinky - Of Lost Things

Stinky album

Stinky album

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