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Cheetah Chrome and The Knobs (US/NL)
... playing the Dead Boys

If you went up to anyone who happened to be knowledgeable the US punk scene in the 1970’s and asked who were the key guitar players of the era, chances are that Cheetah Chrome’s name will be one of the first to roll off their tongue.

His explosive songwriting and raw tone influenced an entire generation of players and has been reflected in some most revered and popular bands including The Hellacopters (Stockholm, Sweden), The Darkness (Suffolk, England), Powder Monkeys (Melbourne, Australia), Supersuckers (Seattle, Washington) and Guns n’ Roses (Los Angeles, CA) name drop a few.

From cutting his chops and being an architect for the US punk rock sound in Cleveland, Ohio with Rocket from The Tombs to relocating to New York City as a founding member of one of the most prolific punk rock bands of the genre, The Dead Boys. With The Dead Boys, both Cheetah and iconic front man Stiv Bators showcased intense and memorable performances across the city and boroughs, including the famed CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City and released one of the most influential albums in all the punk rock genre, "Young Loud And Snotty".

The new millennium has brought new opportunities to Cheetah which has included his first solo release, a critically acclaimed book and multiple tours in the United States alongside the likes of Sylvain Sylvain (New York Dolls), Ronnie Spector, James Williamson (The Stooges) and The Blackhearts.

In Fall 2016, he will be returning to Europe to embark on a tour across mainland Europe. Cheetah has recruited a quality cast of band mates who have aligned themselves with his style and have brought his influence to their country. Making up The Knobs are a handful of Dutchmen who are world traveled punk/hardcore specialists and veterans who go by Tony Leewenburgh aka “Tony Slug” (BGK, Nitwitz, The Hydromatics, Loveslug, The Spades), Theo Brouwer (Lords Of Altamont, The Nitwitz, The Hydromatics) and Ries Doms (The Kik, The Hydromatics, Powervice, The Spades).

This quartet is not to be undermined in any way shape or form, they live for the rock and they bring the rock WHEREVER they can plug in, dig it!

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  • Cheetah Chrome – guitar/vocals
  • Tony Slug – guitar/backing vocals
  • Theo Brouwer – bass/backing vocals
  • Ries Doms – drums

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