European Tour Booking for Punk, Rock and Indie Artists

  • SUBHUMANS (UK)Anarcho Punk Legend
  • JENNY DON'T AND THE SPURS (US)Outlaw Country from Portland
  • DEAD RAZE (UK)Punk/Blues from Liverpool
  • F*CKING ANGRY (DE)Punk Rock, Bonn
  • True Moon (SE)Dark Wave, Malmö
  • THE RESTARTS (UK)Street Punk from London
  • AGROTÓXICO (BR)Hardcore Punk from São Paulo
  • DAGMAR UND DER ORGANISMUS (DE)Electro Dance Singer/Songwriter
  • THE DIZZY BRAINS (MG)Garage Rock from Madagascar
  • PETE BENTHAM & THE DINNER LADIES (UK)Kitchen Core from Liverpool
  • CITIZEN FISH (UK)Ska Punk Rock
  • ALIEN FIGHT CLUB (DE)Punk Rock, Bonn
  • AUTOGRAMM (CA)Power Pop, New Wave from Vancouver
  • DEFIANCE (US)Anarcho Punk, Portland
  • SHEEPY (UK)Pop Punk, Liverpool
  • DEAD BUTTONS (KR)Garage Rock from Seoul
SUBHUMANS (UK)1Anarcho Punk LegendJENNY DON'T AND THE SPURS (US)2Outlaw Country from PortlandDEAD RAZE (UK)3Punk/Blues from LiverpoolF*CKING ANGRY (DE)4Punk Rock, BonnTrue Moon (SE)5Dark Wave, MalmöTHE RESTARTS (UK)6Street Punk from LondonSCHÖNE FRAU MIT GELD (DE)7IDEAL NachspielAGROTÓXICO (BR)8Hardcore Punk from São PauloDAGMAR UND DER ORGANISMUS (DE)9Electro Dance Singer/SongwriterTHE DIZZY BRAINS (MG)10Garage Rock from MadagascarPETE BENTHAM & THE DINNER LADIES (UK)11Kitchen Core from LiverpoolCITIZEN FISH (UK)12Ska Punk RockALIEN FIGHT CLUB (DE)13Punk Rock, BonnAUTOGRAMM (CA)14Power Pop, New Wave from VancouverDEFIANCE (US)15Anarcho Punk, PortlandSHEEPY (UK)16Pop Punk, LiverpoolDEAD BUTTONS (KR)17Garage Rock from Seoul



New band – True Moon from Sweden

By Mary

Apr 3, 2024 0 Comments

I am very happy to be working with the extraordinary dark wave / punk rock band True Moon from Sweden in future. They deliver an enchanting blend of dark wave, post-punk, and alternative that eclipses musical trends. Formed by members of Grammy-nominated band Vånna Inget, Karolina Engdahl (vocals/bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar), they have created a charming darkness; together with Linus Segerstedt (guitar) and Fredrik Orevad (drums), they are a force to be reckoned with. Feel free to contact me for shows in fall 2024.

  True Moon

Subhumans Tour 2024

By Mary

Mar 20, 2024 0 Comments

Great news! After a break in 2023 the Subhumans will finally be back in Germany and the Netherlands in July 2024!

Subhumans Tour 2024

Agrotóxico are back!

By Mary

Aug 19, 2023 0 Comments

Agrotóxico from São Paulo will be back in October 2023! They will tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria and bring their re-recorded first album “Caos 1998”.

  Agrotóxico Tour 2023

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