European Tour Booking for Punk, Rock and Indie Artists

  • SUBHUMANS (UK)Anarcho Punk Legend
  • F*CKING ANGRY (DE)Punk Rock, Bonn
  • JENNY DON'T AND THE SPURS (US)Outlaw Country from Portland
  • DEAD RAZE (UK)Punk/Blues from Liverpool
  • THE RESTARTS (UK)Street Punk from London
  • AGROTÓXICO (BR)Hardcore Punk from São Paulo
  • THE DIZZY BRAINS (MG)Garage Rock from Madagascar
  • DAGMAR UND DER ORGANISMUS (DE)Electro Dance Singer/Songwriter
  • PETE BENTHAM & THE DINNER LADIES (UK)Kitchen Core from Liverpool
  • AUTOGRAMM (CA)Power Pop, New Wave from Vancouver
  • CITIZEN FISH (UK)Ska Punk Rock
  • SHEEPY (UK)Pop Punk, Liverpool
  • DEFIANCE (US)Anarcho Punk, Portland
  • DEAD BUTTONS (KR)Garage Rock from Seoul
  • ALIEN FIGHT CLUB (DE)Punk Rock, Bonn
  • 1982 (DE)Punkrock Time Machine, Bonn
SUBHUMANS (UK)1Anarcho Punk LegendF*CKING ANGRY (DE)2Punk Rock, BonnJENNY DON'T AND THE SPURS (US)3Outlaw Country from PortlandDEAD RAZE (UK)4Punk/Blues from LiverpoolTHE RESTARTS (UK)5Street Punk from LondonAGROTÓXICO (BR)6Hardcore Punk from São PauloSCHÖNE FRAU MIT GELD (DE)7IDEAL NachspielTHE DIZZY BRAINS (MG)8Garage Rock from MadagascarDAGMAR UND DER ORGANISMUS (DE)9Electro Dance Singer/SongwriterPETE BENTHAM & THE DINNER LADIES (UK)10Kitchen Core from LiverpoolAUTOGRAMM (CA)11Power Pop, New Wave from VancouverCITIZEN FISH (UK)12Ska Punk RockSHEEPY (UK)13Pop Punk, LiverpoolDEFIANCE (US)14Anarcho Punk, PortlandDEAD BUTTONS (KR)15Garage Rock from SeoulALIEN FIGHT CLUB (DE)16Punk Rock, Bonn1982 (DE)17Punkrock Time Machine, Bonn



Agrotóxico are back!

By Mary

Aug 19, 2023 0 Comments

Agrotóxico from São Paulo will be back in October 2023! They will tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria and bring their re-recorded first album “Caos 1998”.   Agrotóxico Tour 2023

End of the tour van rental in 2023

By Mary

Jan 2, 2023 0 Comments

Hello folks, I have decided to give up my tour van rental business in 2023. You don’t earn much renting out low-budget tour vans anyway, the Covid 19 situation has torn a big hole in the finances, and there are more and more driving bans for older diesel vehicles in European cities. I sincerely thank all the bands who have hired my vans for their tours over the last 7 years!

The good news is that I have created an online directory called where you can find most tour van and backline rentals and other tour services. I hope it helps you to find another van.

R.I.P. Sam Henry

By Mary

Feb 24, 2022 0 Comments

On February 21st, 2022, my friend Sam Henry passed away. He played in DON’T and JENNY DON’T AND THE SPURS, we worked and had lots of fun together since 2014. I’m still in shock and wish it wasn’t true, but I’m really thankful that I had the privilege to know him. We will all miss him terribly. Read Kelly Halliburton’s “A remembrance from a bandmate” in the Oregon Music News.

Announcement from The Restarts

By Mary

Feb 12, 2022 0 Comments

“Hello folks, we want to come clean here… over the lockdown we have been trying to navigate through some serious setbacks that are preventing us from doing what we love. It is hugely frustrating as you can imagine but Jeremy has been struggling with nerve damage in his elbow which is preventing him from drumming. On top of this, Robin now has some damage to his left hand (resulting in numbness) preventing him from playing the guitar properly. For this reason, regrettably, we are having to cancel Undercover Festival and Events in April (Guilford). We are happy to hear Mick got the legendary Omega Tribe on as our replacement. We will let you know any updates as we get them, but at the moment there is no definitive prognosis so it is hard to predict when we will be up and running again. Please bear with us. All the best, x The Restarts

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