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Turbo Booking is a one-women booking agency based in Cologne, founded by Mary Keiser in 2010.

I want to give awesome bands a chance to play in Europe. It’s very important for me that the shows are a great experience for all involved, for the organizers, the bands and the people who go and see the shows.

I gave up my tour van rental in 2023, but check out, my directory for tour related businesses:

Turbo Booking


Which bands do you take into your roster?

First of all: Please understand that I cannot respond to all requests. I am really busy with booking tours for the bands which already are in my roster.

I only work with artists I am convinced of. Basically they have to be nice people who work hard, deliver high quality music and live shows. They also have to believe in what they do.

It only makes sense to use a booking agency if the band has already built up a certain level of popularity. Even for an agency it’s really difficult to find gigs for an unknown band. Even the most promising bands find it very tough to cover their expenses on the first couple of tours.

Booking and promoting a tour is much easier if the band gets support from a label or promotion agency or if they can promote themselves professionally.

I don’t work with right-wing (related) rock bands or bands which are open to a right wing audience. Also racism, sexism or homophobia have no place in my booking agency.

I am not impressed by business talk and I really don’t like rock star behavior.

We still need some shows on our upcoming tour – can you help?

I cannot help you filling gaps on your tour, because booking shows for the bands in my roster and other jobs take up all my time. I also cannot give out contact details of local promoters and venues.

Can we tour with one of your bands as support act?

Probably not. The touring bands are usually supported by local acts. Sometimes I help the local promoters to find a support for a show.

Can you send me promotion material of your bands?

Yes, I can and I will, but you can also download it directly on the Turbo Booking artist pages by clicking this button:

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