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“A mixture of MC5 and Leadbelly, the Stooges meet T-Bone Walker. It’s primal, it’s fast, it’s vicious. A must see” – The Last Stop Sounds

Dead Raze is a new two-piece punk/blues outfit based in Liverpool. Fronted by Irish rambler Matthew Cawe and features Ollie Fontaine on drums. The band takes influence from swamp blues and old school punk rock, playing slide guitar through a mudslide of distortion.

Dead Raze have already recorded an album in Iceland, gigged in the UK, Czech Republic and Germany. Expect foot stomping, pulse raising, high energy rock'n'roll.



“Villy Raze is a must see and especially as he’s unveiling his newest project the aptly named Dead Raze. Its still embryonic but the songs and the style are there and Villy feels confident enough to take them to the stage at the Black Cat Bar and Bottle Shop. What we get is an amped and psyched up garage blues. A mixture of MC5 and Leadbelly, the Stooges meets T-Bone Walker. Its primal, it’s fast, it’s vicious and the duo make short shrift of their set and keep the attention of the audience throughout.”
- Last Stop Sounds

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 Upcoming shows

Date City Venue Country
Oct/27/23 Schwerte Rattenloch DE
Oct/28/23 Köln Sonic Ballroom DE
Oct/29/23 Bonn Bla DE
Oct/31/23 Mannheim Altes Volksbad DE
Nov/02/23 Bochum Wageni DE
Nov/04/23 Brecht Willem Tell BE


  • Villy Raze (vocals and guitar)
  • Ollie Fontaine (drums and backing vox)


  • 2023 – Horrors, debut single

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