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It would be easy for a band of working class guys, with roots in America’s Rust Belt, struggling to make ends meet, to embrace hate, lash out and become big drinking, fist-fighting, rock n roll clichés.

In fact, for a period of time, that’s exactly what happened. But led by front man Mick Mcluan, it was time to embrace their struggle in a very different way. Room Full of Strangers looked to other Rust Belt bands like The Stooges, Dead Boys, DEVO and Pere Ubu and instead adopted a new outlook – one they’d need to stick to, if they were to come out of this alive and well.

The band got pro-active. Their own self-promoted (huge) warehouse parties drew a lot of attention. They now boast a live show so renowned that they’re invited to play CMJ every year and fests such as SXSW, CBGB Fest etc.

Naturally it wasn’t long before acclaimed knob-twiddler and Godfather of the NYC underground art punk scene, Mark Kramer, known as Kramer (Jacuzzi Boys, Half Japanese, Sonic Youth, Daniel Johnston, Butthole Surfers) discovered the band and put them in the studio. The resulting sessions became the new album “Bad Vacation” – an album packed with collective experience, ferocity, punk spirit, all set to an us-against-the-world party soundtrack.

Cuts from the album include a genre bending array of 60s influenced psychedelic soul, surf tinged garage rock, to 'No Wave' inspired art punk written with a pop sensibility while drawing comparisons to The Stooges and The Arctic Monkeys.

So, if you like to cut the rug, crowd surf, or just freak out, The Strangers have got something for you.

Their album will be published by Godless America Records in the US and True Trash Records in Germany as 7“ and tape.


"With the release of their debut LP, Bad Vacation, in October and performances at CMJ and the eastern US, the Orlando quartet have established a growing following with their catchy, proto-punk-infused, garage rock. Another way to think about Room Full of Strangers – imagine if Jonathan Richman and Richard Swift co-produced an album by the Arctic Monkeys. And like the Arctic Monkeys’ award-winning Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, Bad Vacation is 30 minutes of intense music that will make you want to dance."
- The Revue

"Die Einflüsse sind breit gestreut, DEAD BOYS, TELEVISION, „Fun House“-Ära-STOOGES, FLESHTONES, GUN CLUB, Psychedelic Soul, wie etwa die CHAMBERS BROTHERS, oder auch hier und da ein wenig Westcoast Jinglejangle und auch Surf. All das wird effektiv verwurstet, klischeefrei zu einem durchweg originellen Sound gebacken, der zu jeder Zeit eine gute halbe Stunde Punkrock-Party garantieren kann. Wird in der Live-Präsentation wohl ein Heidenspaß, die Band kommt im Oktober nach Deutschland, wir sehen uns in der ersten Reihe oder an der Theke."
- Ox fanzine

"Room Full of Strangers sind so eine Band. Den Namen noch nie vorher gehört, dann ihr neues Album zum Besprechen bekommen und nach dem Hören völlig aus dem Häuschen... Nehmt das Beste der Sonics, der New York Dolls, Gun Club und den Dead Boys und ihr bekommt Room Full of Strangers. Dabei gehen die vier Jungs sowas von kreativ und vielfältig zu Werke... Ich bin wirklich schwer begeistert. Jedes der zehn Lieder auf “Bad Vacation” ist ein kleiner Hit, der in die Beine geht und dich tanzen lässt. “Bad Vacation” ist ein wirklich klasse Album, das sich in einem Rutsch durchhören und den FInger ganz schnell zur Repeattaste wandern lässt . Im Herbst kommt die Band auf Tour nach Europa. Wer kann, sollte sich das nicht entgehen lassen. Ich bin mir sicher, live sind die eine Granate. Geile Band!"
- Trashrog Mag

Room Full of Strangers, have that very danceable, fuzzy, freak-beat energy, this kind of music can have a lot of teeth despite it's commercial potential & Room Full of Strangers make sure to keep their leather jackets, switchblades & attitude to the fore."
- Pork Magazine

"Orlando’s Room Full of Strangers are a band best experienced live, and dammit, they know it."
- Orlando Weekly

"Vielmehr ist das recht stilechter Garage Rock / Proto-Punk, man denke etwa an die Stooges. Die Gruppe aus Orlando, Florida macht das dabei gut, weil sie auf die Tanzbarkeit schauen. Ein okkulte Siebziger-Garagen-Sause in Strandnähe ist wohl eine gute Sache, diese Band hat einen guten Soundtrack dazu aufgenommen. Sind also gute Ferien geworden."
- Pitfire fanzine

"Room Full of Strangers, a band that embodies Rock and Roll in one of it’s coolest forms, Psyche Pop, Garage Punk. Go fucking see these guys when they return from their tour, they may concur the world while they’re out there."
- Analog-Void

"'To comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.' This is what the five piece Florida based band Room Full of Strangers has set out to do through their music and performance. As visceral writers and performers Room Full of Strangers tend to motivate their audience to imagine or consider ideas, or to experience certain moods and imagery as opposed to focusing on music as a sub genre. Room Full of Strangers envelopes you with it’s dark style of sardonic comedy and ability to generate morbid curiosity... Room Full of Strangers doe’s not take life too seriously, this is in order to not be controlled by fear, however they rail against tyranny and oppressive behavior. Their new single “My American Dream” metaphorically defines corporate greed as a womanizer that deceives and lies to it’s date, The United States!"
- Polygraph Radio

"Room Full of Strangers is kickin’ up some dirt to bring you fun, in-your-face aggressive rock jams. The songs are very fast & energetic with some kick-ass guitar parts I might add. The overall sound is hard-hitting and adrenaline-rushed. Mick “Dagger” has a very unique vocal style that for one is wildly different, but one that seems to work on this disc."
- Skope Magazine

"Perfectly primed with enough percolating primo punk attitude to do you through, Room Full Of Strangers crank out the kind of dirty distorto rock ’n’ roll that Mother used to hate—and on their new album Bad Vacation they effortlessly exude enough verve and swerve to conjure up fond fun-filled fuzztone memories of Blue Cheer and The Amboy Dukes, all garnished with a snappy snooty side order of two tub Dictators via the sardonic Boy Howdy! satire of CREEM: America’s Only Rock'n'Roll Magazine."
- Jeffrey Morgan, former writer for Creem Magazine and authorized biographer of Iggy Pop & The Stooges

"So kann es passieren, dass du unerwartet im Gäste-Bad landest, den Sommer im Weltraum verbringst und Kopf-Salat anpflanzt. Klingt verrückt? Seltsam? Das täuscht, denn die Songs sind durchaus eingängig und nicht so abgedreht wie die Suche nach einem spirituellen Leben oder einem neuen Lebensgefühl."
- Underdog fanzine


Room Full of Strangers – Guest Bath

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  • Nik Sedilla – Backup Vocalist, Guitarist
  • Austin Wulff – Backup Vocalist, Drummer
  • Mick McIuan – Vocalist
  • Erik Bundy – Backup Vocalist, Bassist, Keyboardist


  • 2013 – Bad Vacation LP


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