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Punk Planet


Apr 22, 2015 News 0 Comments

Check out the brand new Punk Planet Travel Guide with travel tips and stories for touring bands, punk rock lovers and alternative travellers!

Are you looking for a punk rock bar on a tropical island? Are you looking for the closest music shop in Vienna? Do you need to find a place where you can repair your guitar before your next show? Or are you trying to find a nice restaurant with vegetarian or vegan food in Moscow?

The Punk Planet Travel Guide is a travel and tour planning site for bands, punk rockers and all kinds of alternative travelers. I already listed and will continue to list lots of useful places and I will publish articles in English and German about tour and travel planning or about useful and/or entertaining experiences.

The Dead Class reunion


Apr 19, 2015 News 0 Comments


THE DEAD CLASS from Liverpool are back! We had so much fun together in the past and I’m looking forward to their next tour in Europe!

“Tomorrow morning The Dead Class will release our first single since we took a break 2 years ago. I am so happy to be back writing and recording with the lads. I mean, we toured SO much together. We used to travel everywhere in an ambulance and cook our meals and coffee roadside on a little camping stove. We lived in the van! We did all the silly things bands do whilst maintaining a strong work ethic. We met the most amazing people through the years that I know I can call my friends and still keep in touch with to this day. We rehearsed and worked our lovely arse’s off full time when we weren’t gigging too, so yes this means a lot to me to be able to play with them again and release more noise. The new material is dark, twisted and heavy so far. I think I am getting angrier in my auld age (in a positive way though). Tune in tomorrow and share it around. x” – Villy Raze

Thank you!


Nov 5, 2014 News 0 Comments

The Don’t and Ghost Wolves tour have been awesome, each with 27 shows in lots of European countries. Many thanks to all people who still organize and go out and see live shows and who appreciate good music! You are heroes!

DON’T tour 2014


Sep 3, 2014 News 0 Comments

I’m happy to announce the autumn tour of Don’t from Portland touring in September and October 2014 in Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Italy and France.

Don’t is a band that is best described as being of the garage persuasion with hints of surf and punk thrown in. Fronted by the striking Jenny Don’t the band also includes Sam Henry on drums, a man who has been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, partially due to the fact that he was the drummer for The Wipers, one of the most well-known bands from that region. Musically the songs on this new release are laid back with Jenny DON’T providing a luxurious vocal performance that has a soothing quality to it, just right for kicking back and relaxing, as you drink whatever poison is needed to reset the levels of normalcy after the tedium of work.” –

Don't Tour 2014

Subhumans (UK) Europe tour in June 2014


Apr 6, 2014 News 0 Comments

Turbo Booking presents the June tour of the legendary anarcho punks Subhumans!

07.06.14 – NL-Enschede, Atak punk festival
08.06.14 – BE-Hotton, Melrock Festival
09.06.14 – DE-Bonn, Kult 41
10.06.14 – DE-Hannover, Stumpf
11.06.14 – CZ-Prague, 007
12.06.14 – DE-Berlin, Tommyhaus
13.06.14 – DE-Kiel, Alte Meierei
14.06.14 – DE-Bremen, Friese

Subhumans Tour 2014